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Wicketed Bags

Generic, one-size-fits-all bags tend to break easily, losing the protective value they’re supposed to provide for perishables and other delicate items. At Total Packaging Solutions Inc, our wicketed bags are designed with durability top of mind.

Our bags come pre-assembled on a sturdy wicket, allowing for a smooth, one-at-at-time dispensing. Suitable for a variety of sizes, materials, and thicknesses, we can accommodate a wide range of applications.

Want a more organized and efficient work environment? Our wicketed bags can help with that. The organized dispensing system minimizes clutter and wasted materials, promoting a cleaner and more streamlined packing area.

Contact us today at (905) 660-3335 to discuss your specific needs and discover the wicketed bag solution that’s right for you!

What Makes Our Packaging Solutions Different?

We strive to offer packaging solutions that are highly effective and customized to your needs. We believe a bag shouldn’t just hold a product—it should represent your brand, protect your goods, and offer seamless integration into your workflow or daily routine.

Here’s why our packaging solutions stand out:

  • Unmatched customization
  • Superior protection
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Decades of experience
  • Design expertise
  • …and more!

Benefits of Our Wicketed Bags

While standard loose plastic bags offer a basic, unreliable packaging solution, our wicketed bags elevate functionality and efficiency. Using high-quality materials and precision engineering, our bags are designed to meet the demands of modern packaging needs.

Take a look at some of the advantages you’ll gain:

  • Superior durability
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Reduced material waste
  • Customized solutions
  • Fast delivery times
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • …and more!

Whatever the application, if you’re looking for a secure and consistent way to package your products, our solutions ensure they remain fresh and presentable from the production line to the recipient or consumer hands.

Flexible and Versatile: Wicketed Bags for Diverse Applications

People often think of wicketed bags as serving one unique purpose: grabbing fruit at the grocery store. It may surprise you to learn that this packaging solution is versatile and adapts to your needs. To maximize flexibility, we customize your bags to cater to a diverse range of applications:

  • Food and produce
  • Retail and merchandise
  • Cosmetics and personal care items
  • E-commerce and shipping
  • Electronic components
  • …and much more!

This list is not exhaustive. Call us to discuss how we can customize our packaging solutions for your specific purposes.

Protecting Perishables: Wicketed Bags for Freshness Preservation

Withered lettuce, soggy vegetables, and dry pastries are the nightmares of any food vendor or bakery owner. Fortunately, there’s a simple yet effective solution: wicketed bags designed specifically to preserve the freshness of your perishable products.

Our meticulously engineered bags create an optimal environment for your food. Our bags are made from micro-perforated films, giving them holes to prevent moisture buildup and condensation. With optimized breathability and puncture resistance, our bags create a controlled environment that slows the natural spoiling process.

Redefine Product Presentation: Work With Total Packaging Solutions Inc

Your packaging is more than just protection. It shapes customer or recipient perception from the moment they receive it. At Total Packaging Solutions Inc, we believe in creating packaging solutions that elevate your brand image and leave a lasting impression.

Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Reach us at (905) 660-3335.

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